Just when you thought there wasn't enough coffee in Amarillo, more is coming.

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You may be thinking, "Oh great just what Amarillo needs is a new coffee shop."

It's not your typical coffee shop. This new place will offer up a taste of New Orleans.

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans is coming to Amarillo

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans was founded in 1978 by Phyllis Jordan, a pioneer in the coffee industry that demonstrated better beans, superior roasting techniques, and pure passion for the art of coffee-making mattered. PJ's Coffee serves a wide variety of hot, iced and frozen coffee beverages, as well as organic tea and fresh breakfast pastries.

The first store was located in Uptown New Orleans on Maple Street and now it will be coming to the Yellow City.

Get Ready for Coffee At Your Front Door Town Square Village

However, the location it will be calling home in Amarillo is going to be very convenient for some apartment-living citizens.  The location of PJs will be located in Town Square Village.  It will be occupying suite #1310.  Talk about convenience for those that live and work in Town Square Village. Put in a coffee order online or on the app, and run downstairs for your fresh coffee from New Orleans.

It should be completed by July.

If the math is done correctly this will make 18 local coffee shops and franchises (each separate shop isn't counted) in or coming to Amarillo. You can almost literally find a coffee shop on every corner.

Amarillo loves its coffee.

The Bathroom Art Of The 806 Coffee + Lounge

The 806 Coffee + Lounge is Amarillo's hub for art and alternative culture. That includes the men's room.

Neumann & Company: Boutique & Coffee Shop in Borger, Texas

One of life's greatest pleasures can be finding a true hidden gem. And that's exactly what Neumann & Company in Borger, Texas is!

Located at 503 N. Main St., this unique storefront is home to a stunningly beautiful boutique in the front and a delicious specialty coffee shop in the back. But more than just being a boutique and coffee shop in a small Texas Panhandle town, Neumann & Company is one of those rare places with a life of its own.

Not sure what we mean? Take a tour of this lovely crown jewel of downtown Borger, and then go take a short drive to visit the place yourself!

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