We actually started this years ago. Faith was pretty young. It started when we would go to Midnight Mass, before it was moved to an earlier service.

After church my daughter and I would go to Denny's. It would be pretty late. Or should I say pretty early Christmas morning. It was a special time for the two of us. We knew that in a few hours many families will wake up to the sound of laughter as kids wake up their parents.

We also knew that there were a bunch of parents working that night/morning at Denny's. We wanted to make sure that they had a decent night.

We made it our tradition to go in and try to find a mom or dad at work instead of being able to be with their family. We would order our food and get to talking to them about their family.

We always made sure we left a huge tip. I've waited tables for many years and my daughter does so now. We know how much work it can be. Especially on holiday's. We also know that many places will not let you request those holiday's off. So many of them are working because they have to be there that night.

I already asked my daughter while we were eating at Thanksgiving if we are going to be able to go for our dinner again this year. She said "of course". So if you see us at Denny's around midnight on Christmas Eve...it is because we are hungry and also wanting to be a blessing to another hard working mom or dad in Amarillo.

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