Recently the PRO internship classes at Amarillo High School and Palo Duro High school were treated to a formal meal at Amarillo's The Big Texan. As part of Palo Duro PRO, I was invited to go along, making it the first time I've ever gone to both the Big Texan and a luncheon.

The four course meals we were presented with consisted of the appetizer, salad, main course and dessert. The appetizer was a tasty beef soup in a small container.We were shown that to eat it properly we had to scoop our food with the spoon away from us and not towards us.

The salad consisted of green lettuce leaves with slices of tomatoes, shreds of carrot and a piece of cucumber. I would of enjoyed it more if I hadn't put ranch on it, which was the only thing we could put on it besides salt and pepper.

When we got to the third meal it got a bit difficult. It was large, juicy steak dripped in gravy with a side of mashed potatoes, jalapenos and greens. We were told to eat our steak by cutting it with our right hand and picking up the food with our fork with the left. I only managed to eat less than half of my steak before giving up.

The last, but not least dish was a velvety chocolate piece of cake adorned with a dollop of whipped cream and a sweet strawberry dipped in syrup. This wasn't hard to eat for all we needed was a fork, although there was a particular fork we had to use.

Overall both the dishes and training we got made my first experience at the Big Texan extra enjoyable. It was fun to learn all the mannerisms and I really appreciated the instructor for taking time to teach us what to do and how to act in a fancy environment, such as in an interview or date. It wasn't at all boring or snobbish.

I look forward to returning to The Big Texan restaurant and maybe also having another chance to try out my newly learned skills at a luncheon.







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