I finally tried Bubble Tea the other day and let's just say it was an experience.  However, I may have to give it another try, because Amarillo has a lot of great Bubble Tea places.

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What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea or Boba Tea or the tea with the tiny balls in it.

It is a tea based drink that originated in Taiwan.  It can be mixed with flavors and other ingredients. The thing that makes it Bubble Tea, is the tapioca pearls.  They are tiny bubbles of flavor that pop in your mouth.

Due to the "bubbles" you have to have an extra large straw.

Maybe that's what made my bubble tea experience not pleasant.  Maybe I didn't get the right flavor, or maybe I didn't get it from the right place.

So I went on a search to find the best Bubble Tea in Amarillo.

Where can I find Bubble Tea in Amarillo?

Leaf & Bubble

They offer their unique twist on milk teas.  Not only that, they also have pastries to enjoy with your Bubble Tea.

Leaf and Bubble is located at 2525 Wimberly Road.


Monday & Tuesday 12pm-6pm
Thursday & Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 11am-4pm

Jiggle Berry Juice Bar

They offer a huge selection and flavors of Boba Teas.  Not only is this a great place to get your Boba, but you can also get smoothies, smoothie bowls, toasts and pressed sandwiches.

Jiggle Berry is located at 3801 Olsen Blvd.


Monday-Friday 7 AM - 8 PM
Saturday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Sunday:12 PM - 6 PM

The Ruffled Cup

The Ruffled Cup is best known for their amazing cupcakes and cakes, however they do have other fun treats including cookie dough, cookies, and and great selection of cafe food for a yummy lunch.  Of course their Boba Tea.  They come up with amazing flavors each month as well.

The Ruffled Cup is located at 3440 Bell St.


Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6:30pm

Dang Bubble Tea and Sweet

They have different types of teas and Bubble Teas.  They also have all sorts of sweets.

Follow their Facebook page for their Pop Up Locations.


They have all sorts of tea including loose leaf tea, fresh brewed tea,  tea lattes, chai lattes, seasonal specialty drinks, tea bar, energy teas and Boba Teas!

NobiliTea is located at 6200 Hillside


Monday-Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday 9am-7pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

Here's some great locations to pick up a Bubble Tea or Boba Tea.

I may have to give Bubble Tea another try, maybe I didn't get a good one.  At least I know now where to go to get a great one.

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