News Channel 10 had an article yesterday about the decision to monitor students online using software. There is a new federal bill that has been introduced that could require schools to use software to monitor students while they are online.

River Road ISD is one of the few schools in the country already using software to monitor students online to determine if a student is a threat to others, or to themselves.

The software, according to the report, looks for certain keywords. If it finds one of those words, it will alert the school district.

Once the district is alerted by the software, it will then look to determine if it is, in fact, a threat to the safety of students in the district.

Services like Facebook and Twitter have fundamentally changed the way we get through life as humans surrounded by other humans. What we post online is now viewed as a snapshot of our lives for the rest of the world to see.

People have been denied employment because of posts they've made. People have been fired over posts made online. Sometimes, these posts were made several years ago.

It isn't hard to believe that another way to use what we post online would be to identify potential threats. Especially with the number of violent crimes we are seeing in the news.

While I can appreciate and understand the proactive approach to stopping a tragedy before it starts, I do wonder what comes next.

Did anyone ever see Minority Report?

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