It's been crazy to watch the price of gas through all of this covid-19 outbreak. I went to Dallas and the cheapest I paid was $1.04 per gallon. I thought that was crazy. Crazy enough that I had to stop and fill up even if I could have made it all the way home.

So when I was in Childress and found gas that cheap I thought that would have to be the cheapest anyone would pay. That was not true. I mean currently, in Amarillo, gas is around $1.35 give or take. With that being said there is a potential to pay really cheap. I mean what I would only perceive as almost criminal.

I have been watching on Facebook people paying even crazier prices. It's kind of cool because places like United offer rewards. With these rewards you can pay up to $1 cheaper than the price per gallon. So I have been watching friends of mine on Facebook take advantage of using their rewards points. For each reward you have you get to take ten cents off per gallon.

credit: Nick Burney Facebool
credit: Nick Burney Facebool

I just wish we had places to go right now. That has been the kicker. Now that Texas is opened back up maybe those road trips will start coming. I mean anybody up for a weekend out of town?

If so save up your points and get even cheaper and crazier prices.


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