We love getting to celebrate local success stories.

Ryan Culwell is a singer and songwriter from Perryton, Texas and is currently living in Nashville, Tennesse. Culwell has written many songs about the Texas, Panhandle including the hit song 'Amarillo' off his 2015 album titled Flatlands.

The first single of his newest album "Can you hear me?" is getting a lot of well deserved national attention. The song was written in response to the Eric Garner scandal. Garner was a back man who died after being choked by police in New York in 2014. After the incident protesters lined the streets chanting "Can you hear me?".

The national attention of this song has even landed Ryan Culwell a full spread on the Rolling Stone Magazine. The article explores each song off the new album and gets a one-on-one interview with Ryan.

Culwell's new album is set to be released later this summer on August 16th.

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