Let's be honest with one another, we all have our vices right?

And in some ways, a lot of us are the same yet very different when it comes to those.

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Well one of my vices is collecting memorabilia. I love having display and conversation pieces. I'm also a massive fanboy when it comes to certain things.

Fandom is a sickness, or a gift depending on how you look at it. When you are a TRUE fan of something, you want everything associated with it.

For example, I LOVE my San Francisco Giants. They come in right behind my wife, kids and family. That fandom led to my first tattoo being the SF logo (poorly done by the way) on my right arm.

My music fandom falls in line JUST behind my sports fandom. I love music, and because of it, collect all sorts of different items wrapped around my favorites. I also have things that may not be favorites of mine, but are simply musical history.

So what kinds of music things does one collect? I mean, there's posters and albums but that's about it right?

No, not even close. There's unique items out there to get your hands on. You can even create your own unique memorabilia if you're in the right place at the right time. I have an example of something like that in the pictures below.

So here's just a taste of some of the musical items I've collected over the years. Some are unique to me, some are relatively basic pieces, and some are flat out history. Enjoy!

The Music Memorabilia Collection Of A Radio DJ

Over my years of working in radio, I've been fortunate enough to meet some great artists and collect some wonderful pieces of memorabilia. Here's a look into my collection.

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