Ryan Culwell now calls Nashville, TN home, but has released a song about making his mark in the Texas Panhandle before embarking on his music career!

Culwell was born in Perryton, growing up around the oilfields he became a roughneck himself. But writing music was a way to clear his mind and relax from the long, rugged hours he endured with his co-workers on a daily basis.

But music was his calling he felt, he didn't want to be working for the man... he wanted to be the man. So Culwell laid down the hard hat and moved to Amarillo, where he and his wife settled down for some time and started a family.

With support from his wife, the family packed their bags and moved to Nashville, where Culwell was given the opportunity to finally leave his dream... become a singer/songwriter!

Culwell released his debut album in March called "Flatlands," and on it is a really good song called 'Amarillo!' No, it's not just because I'm from A-Town... it's really a good song. It's one of the most truthful songs I've ever heard about this town, it resonates with you so well because the words are exactly what everybody is thinking about "Yellow City!"

Give it a listen and let both Culwell and us know what you think. Find out more about this Texas Panhandle native on his website at RyanCulwell.com! Also on Facebook, Twitter and iTunes.

                                                                  Ryan Culwell - 'Amarillo'

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