Every year, local law enforcement, in cooperation with the DEA, host the National Take Back Initiative. The program is designed to remove opioids and other medicines from homes, where they are vulnerable to misuse, theft or abuse by family members and visitors, including children and teens. On October 26th, the Potter County Sheriff's Office will participate in the initiative from 10am to 2pm at the Detention Center, 13100 NE 29th.

There will be a collection box placed inside the Detention Center lobby with an officer to help with assistance needs. While the box is only for prescription and over the counter medicines, they will take illegal narcotics with no questions asked. This "no questions asked" is policy at all National Take Back Initiative events. Also during this event, the DEA and the Potter County Sheriff’s Office will be collecting vaping pens and cartridges at the site as well. DEA has determined that vaping pens without the internal batteries are considered household hazardous waste, the exact same waste designation as the collected pharmaceuticals. Pens with batteries in them, however, are a different waste stream designation and, more importantly, are considered a potential fire hazardous. You will have to call the local hazardous waste management facility or can check with large electronic chain stores who may accept the devices for proper disposal.

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