I have a love-hate relationship with Girl Scout Cookies. Actually, it's my wallet that does.

The problem is that once I open the box, I can't stop. I have sat and ate my way through a whole box in one sitting more times than I'm comfortable admitting to. Which leads to me buying more boxes. It's a deliciously vicious cycle.

Next week, specifically January 17, those cookies will be back out on the streets.

Not only are the cookies going to be back out on the streets, but there is a new flavor coming out. Brace yourself for the "Lemon-Ups."

According the Girl Scouts' website, it's a crispy lemon cookie. Baked onto the cookies are inspiring messages.

If you can slow down long enough to read one, you'll see messages like "I am a go-getter" or "I am an innovator."

You can get all of the details on the upcoming Girl Scout Cookie season on the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains website. They have a way for you to see where to buy cookies near you. They even have an app.

And prepare your wallet. The cookies are coming.


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