The Texas Panhandle has seen many BBQ restaurants open and close over the years.  However, some remain.

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One of those restaurants that has stood the test of time is Dyer's BBQ.

Dyers BBQ was founded in Pampa, Texas by Roy Dyer and his parents Finace and Neva in 1967.   The Dyers expanded and opened the Amarillo restaurant in 1984.  Dyer's has been a staple in Amarillo BBQ since opening day.  For over 50 years people in the Texas Panhandle have been enjoying Dyer's Bar-B-Que. Although Dyer's Bar-B-Que closed in Pampa the legacy remains. The entire Dyer Family learned their hard work from their father Roy Dyer, and have remained successful in the restaurant business and other business endeavors on their chosen paths.

According to the Dyer's Bar-B-Que Website and in the words of Roy Dyer.

“We’re doing exactly the same thing as the day we opened,” says Roy Dyer. “Our meats, rubs, sauce, and side dishes are the same Family recipes we developed over the years and improved as we went along. Everything is basically the same made from scratch recipes with some new favorites like hickory smoked prime rib on Friday and Saturday nights, hand cut rib eye steaks and boneless Mississippi Delta catfish deep fried in our special corn meal batter.”his parents Finace and Neva started the family-style barbeque restaurant in Pampa

Four generations of Dyers have continuously worked to bring great BBQ to the Texas Panhandle. Roy's grandson Nick Dyer is continuing his grandfather's legacy and continues to bring that great BBQ to the people of Amarillo.

It is with great sadness to share the news that pit master, restauranteur, Amarillo leader husband, father, and grandfather, Roy Dyer passed away on Tuesday, May 23rd.  He was laid to rest on Friday, May 26th.

If you are looking for a way to honor Roy, then stop by the restaurant have a meal and share your memories with the family and also your generations of family.  However, if you are wanting to honor Roy you can make a contribution in his name to ADVO Hope To Opportunities Foundation or Special Olympics of Texas.

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