Every kids and many adults love a good corn dog.  Well, August 27th, Sonic Drive-In is celebrating the treat on a stick.Growing up there was nothing better for an afternoon snack than corn dog.  As a kid or an adult nothing makes me smile like food on a stick.  Popsicle, lollipop and especially a corn dog.

Well, Sonic Drive-In wants to celebrate the goodness by offering $0.50 corn dogs all day Thursday, August 27th.  According to their website, a corn dog is only 230 Calories. Simple food at its finest. A delicious hot dog surrounded in sweet corn batter and fried to a crispy golden brown. Perfect with some mustard or ketchup if you want. It's like hot dog utopia on a stick.

So if you would like a delicious snack or want to take the kids for a treat after school, this would not only be perfect but easy on the wallet.

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