Summer is nearing its end and soon we'll have all the ghosties, goblins, and ghouls of Halloween just around the corner! This chilling time of the year is something many of us look forward to. If you're one of those people, you'll be thrilled to know that Spirit Halloween store has officially opened up shop here in Amarillo, Texas.

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Forget the Pumpkin Spice Latte, this seasonal pop-up store is the true sign that cooler days are coming!

Sarah Clark/TSM
Sarah Clark/TSM

Spirit Halloween is Open

Spirit Halloween opened one of their stores over the weekend with new costumes, new animatronics, and a new season of spooky.

Amarillo will have two Spirit Halloween stores this year, the one that is now open is located in the former Party City space in The Village at Bell Shopping Center, 3339 Bell St.

The other location will open on August 19th, and will be located at Westgate Mall in the Former Beall's location. It'll be right by Urban Air Adventure Park!

It appears Spirit Hallow Cemetery residents will be arriving in Amarillo.

These Halloween animatronics are not for the faint of heart.  They are spooky and ready to make your home perfect for Halloween.

What about costumes?

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

Barbie - rest assured she will be a huge costume choice, in all her forms, this Halloween.  Look for it to also be a popular couples costume with Barbie and Ken.

Inflatables -These are the costumes that have a little fan in them that puff them up.  They are fun and quirky and people love them. Some of the most popular inflatables at Spirit Halloween this year are the T-Rex and SpongeBob Squarepants.  You can find them in adult and child sizes.

Zombies - are incredibly popular this year, from undead cheerleaders to brides to headless costumes. Accessories bring these costumes to the next level, with features like glowing brains and bloody makeup.

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

Don't forget about their awesome collector's items, like the Funko Pops.  They have Trick 'r Treat's Sam and Victor and Emily from The Corpse Bride available this year.  You'll have to check out the amazing decor for yourself.

Go explore and start planning for the spookiest Halloween yet!

Spirit Halloween Opens in Amarillo 2023

Fall is just around the corner and Halloween will soon be knocking on our door! It's never too early to start prowling for the perfect costumes for the ghosties, goblins, and ghouls in your life!

We were granted a sneak peek inside the Spirit Halloween store at 3339 Bell Street in the Bell Village shopping center and you've got to see what they have on the shelves this year.

The store is now open for Halloween, so be sure to get go by and get your spooky fix soon!

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