Last year we spent several weeks going all over town as Stein Hoisting tournaments were being held. We learned the hard way, that it is a lot harder than it looks.

This Thursday (Sept. 19th), the Stein Hoisting in Amarillo kicks off at Bubba's 33 with the Sam Adams Octoberfest Stein Hoist. Sign ups begin at 6pm. Steins get hoisted at 7pm.

In case you are unfamiliar with the sport of Stein Hoisting, the premise is an easy one to grasp. Hold a stein, that is filled to the brim, in the air the longest.

Don't spill. Don't put your stein down.

Competitors all gather 'round a table. Provided steins are then filled. On the judges mark, competitors lift the steins in the air.

Arms must remain completely extended forming a 90 degree, right angle with the body. Thumbs may not be used to brace the stein. If a single drop falls from your stein, you're out.

It sounds simple enough, but within 20-30 seconds, you begin to see arms shake. 45-60 seconds in, and the first person will go out.

I competed in several of the events last year, and not once did I come close to winning. I plan on at least making it to final three at least once, and hopefully it's at Bubba's this Thursday.


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