Technology is amazing, it seems that as the years go by we get some really cool products.  One product helped identify car thieves.

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A couple of car thieves decided to steal a man's truck near North Mirror and NE 24th.  The great thing about this particular theft is the car had dashcams.

These thieves thinking they were scot-free had a nice little surprise when they got in the truck.   It took them a second to realize that the truck had cameras.

I can just hear the conversation now, unfortunately, the video doesn't have sound.

Thief 1: "Dude, it has cameras."

Thief 2: "What? Seriously cameras"

Thief 1: "Yeah, Right there, hide your face."

Thief 2: "Well, cover it up, turn it off, do something, use those paper towels in your hand."

Thief 1: "Oh, yeah" Rips a paper towel off the roll and covers the camera.

Thief 2: "Great idea"  They both laugh stupidly

Narrator: Little did the thieves know that the video had already recorded their faces and sent them to the cloud.  Everyone now knows their faces.  It's only a matter of time before the cops do as well.  

Isn't it fun watching all the thief drama unfold?

On another note, can someone please tell me why these thieves are stealing a truck without shirts?   Were they just chilling half naked in their yard and saw and truck and thought, "Hey, we should steal that truck?"

Luckily the truck was found and it only had minor damage.  The shirtless thieves did take items from the inside of the truck.   Unfortunately, the thieves haven't been caught, yet, but it's only a matter of time since their dumbfounded faces are all over the video.

I think it's smart that this truck had dash cameras.  It's just sad that we as property owners have to have accessories like this in our vehicles or homes.   Hopefully, these thieves will be in cuffs soon.

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