2020 was very stressful.

Last year, a lot of Texans consumed alcohol.

A lot of alcohol.

The CDC defines heavy drinking as taking 14 drinks a week for men and 7 a week for women.

But according to a survey done by drugabuse.com, the average Texan consumed more than 800 drinks last year!

They heard from over 3,000 people 21 and over who all admitted to drinking more than usual.

What's considered a standard drink, you may ask?

12 ounces of beer is considered a standard drink, so how many did you chug last year?

What about wine? (That's most women's "go-to" in my experience.)

An ounce of wine is considered a standard drink.

Ladies, how many ounces are you gulping down?

Don't feel bad though. There are many other states that have more functioning alcoholics than Texas.

According to the survey, the people in Alaska drink more than anyone, consuming over 1,400 drinks per person last year.  Those cheeseheads in Wisconsin, along with bibulous people in the states of New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont have consumed well over 1,000 per person a year.

Other information found from the survey is that men and women aren't that far behind each other nationally, with the guys consuming 17 drinks a week compared to the ladies 16 a week.

While I can say I may be included in the number of Texans who consumed copious amounts of alcohol last year, this next group of people I can't identify with:

Those who were hungover.

According to the study, many of those who drank suffered over 112 hours of being hungover on average.

What will the alcohol numbers be this year?

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