I have always been a proud Texas. Born and bred in this great state.   However, Texas is apparently not a great state for women.

WalletHub recently conducted a study on where women can find the best opportunities.  The study looked at earnings of female workers, women's health care, the homicide rates for females, among other factors.

According to the findings, Texas is not a good state for women.  Texas came in over all at #42.  Thus making it one of the worst states for women.

When it comes to health care for woman Texas lacks.  We are the worst in the country for females being insured, we came in at 51.  51!  Texas was 42nd when it came to women's preventive healthcare, 32nd for life expectancy at birth.

Texas was on the higher end for the high school graduation rate for women, Texas took the 20th spot.  Also, when it comes to employment Texas was also in the upper half, we came in 21st for unemployment rate for women.

Voting wasn't on our priority list when it came to the 2016 Presidential Election. Texas sits at 48th place in the survey for the woman vote in 2016.

Source: WalletHub

If you are a woman and you are looking for the perfect place to live, then the state that came in number one, was Minnesota.
However, you better have a killer winter wardrobe if you move there.

The state that took the bottom spot in the study, Louisiana.

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