Each state in the union has a state motto, a state bird, a state flower, but do they have a state book?   Last I checked, most didn't including Oklahoma, but a representative in Oklahoma has made a push to establish a state book.

Representative Tammy Townley a Republican from Ardmore, submitted HB 3890.  If this bill is passed, it will make the Holy Bible the state book of Oklahoma.

This isn't the first time someone has tried to make the Holy Bible the state book.

In fact, in September of 2021, State Representative, Glenn Rogers, Republican from Brownwood, filed a resolution for the Holy Bible to be the state book of Texas.

In Tennessee, State Representative, Jerry Sexton, Republican from Bean Station, introduced House Joint Resolution 150 in March of 2021 to make the Holy Bible the State Book of Tennessee.  The resolution passed the State House of Representatives and the Senate had to approve the bill.  However, it looks like it has fallen by the wayside because of COVID-19.

I can completely understand why someone would want the state book to be the Holy Bible.  It's a great book to follow, especially if you are Christian.   However, there comes that whole separation of church and state.  If the Holy Bible were the state book, then does that violate the separation?  Or is just the principle of having the Holy Bible as the state book?

This got me to thinking, what would be the perfect state book for Texas?  Hank the Cowdog?  The Son? The Last Picture Show?  The Liars' Club? Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans? The Holy Bible?

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