There is a rumor floating around that has Texans raising an eyebrow and feeling hopeful if it's true. This rumor has been circulating for a long while now, in fact since last year in 2020. That supposed rumor is that Matthew McConaughey is considering running for Texas Governor.

It first all started when Matthew McConaughey went on The Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss his book Greenlights. When Hugh Hewitt asked Matthew McConaughey the million-dollar question, Matthew McConaughey's response was "I don't know" about running for Texas Governor. That was last year's news but after his recent appearance on The Balanced Voice Podcast (above), he shared a different response with host Rania Mankarious.

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Matthew McConaughey stated "it's a true consideration" about him running for Texas Governor. Matthew McConaughey in my eyes definitely represents Texas proudly and always manages to show Texas support. You've seen pictures of him showing his support at the Texas Longhorns football games occasionally.

But another time he showed his support when he didn't have to was when he paid a visit to El Paso. Matthew McConaughey was a surprise guest and speaker at Khalid's benefit concert in 2019. Matthew McConaughey gave those who attended the concert quite a motivational speech at the Don Haskins Center.

Now if you ask me, in my opinion, those are true leadership skills that Matthew McConaughey has always shown Texas. There is a lot to consider when choosing a leader who will be signing and vetoing bills. But the question is would Matthew McConaughey have YOUR vote for Texas Governor? Place your vote in the poll below. Texas would be really lucky to have the best-looking, multi-tasking representative out of all Governors in the United States.

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