Labor Day has come and gone. Football season is underway. Soon the temperatures will fall. Spooky (Halloween) season is upon us, and the first major sign has already appeared.

The Halloween themed stores are popping up.

Every year around Halloween, my family and I make it a point to visit all of the pop-up Halloween stores. My kids love all of the decorations and scary animatronics.

One of our favorite haunts was Spirit. With the old Toys R Us building currently occupied, we were all wondering just where one of our stores would pop up. Last weekend, we found it.

This year, it's a little out of the way at 4221 SW 45. When we went by, there were several signs stating that more items were coming. The shelves and racks were already pretty full.

We picked up some t-shirts, the kids had a blast with the scary robotic decorations, and we decided to come back later.

Also this year, Halloween City is back in Party City on Bell in The Village Shopping Center.

We're getting closer to my favorite time of year. There's something about Halloween that I just absolutely love. It might just be the spooky vibe in the air, or all of the scary movies. It could be the costumes.

Hopefully this year we are all able to enjoy more of the annual Halloween events we had to go without last year. Several events were canceled, and were only replaced by a handful.

Keep an eye out for our annual lists of haunted houses, best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating, and trunk-or-treats.

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