It you felt it today, you weren't alone. There seemed to be a certain "force" emanating from the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. Of course we are just kidding, but onlookers did notice something out of this world. Sitting mostly out of view, is a dark colored United Airlines 737. Upon closer inspection, the Boeing 737-824 is themed in a "Star Wars" movie design.

Credit: Wesley Luginbyhl
Credit: Wesley Luginbyhl

According to sources gathered by our news partner ABC 7, the jetliner is painted to promote the new “Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker” due out at Christmas. Amarillo is home to a branch of Leading Edge Aviation, who services including painting, maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft. The Amarillo facility is known to specialize in painting aircraft and is even rumored to be a potential location where the new Air Force One jets will be painted.

The specialty "Star Wars" plane is said to be leaving Amarillo during the night, when it is dark, on it's way to Houston. The aircraft features Kylo Ren’s tie fighter on one side and a Rebel X-Wing on the other. The tail is decorated with red and blue light sabers. The interior is rumored to be Star Wars themed as well, although no one is leaking those photos just yet.

Thanks again to ABC 7 KVII for uncovering this cool story!

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