When you find great food or drink that you love, you love it.  You want to have it all the time.  It becomes your routine.  When something happens to it, you have to grieve for the loss of this treat.

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I remember when Extra Gum stopped making the mint chocolate chip gum.  That stuff was the bomb.  Especially if you are sugar-free and cannot eat the actual ice cream this gum was the perfect treat when you couldn't have real treats.

Why am I sharing that story?

Mr. Pibb Xtra
Mr. Pibb Xtra

Mr. Pibb seems to be disappearing out of Amarillo.  Now I know, Mr. Pibb is an acquired taste.  I like to call it the faux Dr Pepper.  It has a very unique flavor that is actually really good.  I'm not much of a Dr Pepper drinker anymore or Mr. Pibb for that matter, but I really did enjoy a Mr. Pibb when I went to the movies because it seems every single movie theater in the country served Mr. Pibb.

Plus, when did Mr. Pibb turn into Mr. Pibb Xtra?  Was the original not Xtra enough?

So where is Mr. Pibb going?

I keep seeing all over social media where people are going to their favorite places that carried Mr. Pibb and it's not available anymore.  It's like it is slowly making an Irish exit.

What is an Irish Exit?

Leaving a party or place without telling a soul.  You just quietly leave.

With all the other shortages happening is there a shortage of Mr. Pibb?  Did somebody buy up all this sweet syrupy carbonated beverage?

Why is this happening?

The Coca-Cola Company manufactures this product.  It still has its own website, and when you do a product search you can find it in local places like Walmart.  However, it may be one of those things where they are removing it from fountains in restaurants and theaters.

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