Amarillo is a city with a rich history.  In fact, you might now know just how rich history is until you start scrolling through an old newspaper.

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You can find out a lot about the history of Amarillo, just by the ads in a copy of a newspaper from a bygone era.   That's what I was doing.  I found a copy of the Amarillo Globe-News Sunday from 1938 and as I'm flipping through the pages I ran across an ad for Shaw-Graves Cleaners.

Shaw-Graves was a dry cleaner in Amarillo back in 1938.   That's not a big deal but it was the building that caught my eye.   The building was located at 613 SW 10th Ave.

THC/Hutchinson County Library, Borger Branch

Information on Shaw-Graves and the business is very sparse, but it existed and it was in business in 1938.

This building may look very familiar because it still exists today with the same round window.  It's the window that makes this building so unique. If you have driven the road on 10th street between Washington and Downtown Amarillo you have passed the building multiple times.

The building is now very colorful with some amazing art painted on it.  It has been home to the Music Box Body Art Studio since the early 2000s.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You can still see the same architecture on the building as it was in 1938.  The unique round window still remains.   However, the other front window has since been built over.

THC/Hutchinson County Library, Borger Branch/Google Maps
THC/Hutchinson County Library, Borger Branch/Google Maps

I'm sure you can find a few remnants of the cleaners still in the building, but I'm sure that the building has seen many businesses move in and out since Shaw-Graves Cleaners called it home.   In the last 20 years, thousands of people have entered this building and exited with a change on their bodies.

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