Two Panhandle cities made the list for the driest places in Texas. According to climate data, Hereford and Dumas are among the driest places in Texas.  Here's the list with the average yearly rainfall:

  1. Socorro  7.68 inches
  2. El Paso  8.67 inches
  3. Odessa  13.67 inches
  4. Midland  14.08 inches
  5. Laredo  16.22 inches
  6. Lamesa  17.61 inches
  7. Del Rio  17.69 inches
  8. Dumas  18.20 inches
  9. Hereford  18.22 inches
  10. Big Spring  18.34 inches

Thankfully, the Panhandle fares well when it comes to the least number of days with temperatures 90 degrees or over.  Of the top 10, Pampa is number 2 with 64 days. Amarillo is number 3 with 66 days, Dumas and Hereford tied for 4th with 69 days.  Borger came in at number 8 with 76 days with temperatures over 90 degrees.

The Panhandle is also among the coldest areas in Texas.  Dumas, Hereford, and Pampa have the most days of temperatures LESS than 32 degrees.  Dumas is number one with 124 days.  Hereford is number 2 with 122 days.  Pampa is number 3 with 108 days of temperatures less than 32 degrees.

Texas weather is so unpredictable.  Remember, if you don't like the weather where you are, wait 15 minutes!