Inside every McDonalds Burger you have ever eaten there has been "Pink Slime" that you probably never knew was there.


Most of us have been eating at McDonald's for as long as we can remember, since we were little kids. Growing up we never knew what was being put inside our burgers, nuggets or fries, we would just tell our parents to take us there because inside our happy meal we would get a toy and that is all we were worried about.

In the past decade or so, documentary's on food have been leaking information about McDonald's and what they have been putting inside our food that we have been buying from this place and have been consuming for years. If find it amusing how a company like this has been doing this for decades under our noses..... until now.

McDonald's has been putting what most people call "Pink Slime" inside their patties, but recently McDonald's said they would not be using this "pink Slime" anymore inside the burgers anymore! But what exactly is this stuff called "Pink Slime" that I have been eating for years?

Expert's call the "Pink Slime" Ammonium Hydroxide, it is a chemical to help make the patties for the burgers more safe to eat? But why would they have to make the patties more safe? McDonald's claims that everything in there meat and Chicken Nuggets is %100 real. Well according the documentary "Food Revolution" McDonald's has been using spare trimmings from other parts of the cow to help make more patties, and the spare trimmings that are coming from random parts of the cow are known to harbor pathogens which is why the "Pink Slime"or Ammonium Hydroxide is added.

McDonald's also does this with there nuggets, they use meat from random parts of the chicken to build up there nuggets. Other restaurants known to use the chemical who have recently reported they no longer will is Taco Bell and Burger King.

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