It's a battle royale to have the ultimate chicken sandwich.

In my opinion, I believe that Chick-fil-A has the best chicken sandwich when it comes to chicken sandwiches. I know last year the chicken sandwich game was amped up thanks to Popeyes introducing their new chicken sandwich. There was so much talk and hype about this sandwich that they sold out of it nationwide and those who had one raved about it saying it was the best chicken sandwich out there.

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Now, I haven't tried the chicken sandwich from Popeyes yet, so my opinion could changed to Popeyes or maybe even this new entry into the chicken sandwich wars.

So when it comes to food at Taco Bell, the last thing that I think they would be serving would be a chicken sandwich, but that's about to change because Taco Bell will soon be introducing the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco. Yes, a chicken sandwich taco from Taco Bell is on the way.

The fast food giant tweeted the news out last week and said,

Is it a sandwich or a taco? You decide.

The new menu item is a crispy piece of all white meat chicken that's been marinated in jalapeno infused buttermilk, sprinkled with bold Mexican spices and wrapped in a tortilla chip coating nestled in a puffy bread shaped like a taco and topped off with creamy chipotle sauce. For an extra kick you can add more jalapenos.

HANG ON A MINUTE - don't rush to the Taco Bell down the street in hopes of spending $2.49 and getting one of these new creations for lunch because at the moment they're not even available. Taco Bell plans on releasing their new Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco at select locations in Nashville, TN an Charlotte, NC for a limited time before a national rollout will happen.

Taco Bell via Twitter
Taco Bell via Twitter

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