We are people who love fast food.  Even though most people wouldn't admit to loving fast food, they do love to indulge.

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One of those fast-food restaurants that most people won't admit they love is Taco Bell.  Let's face it, there's just something about a grilled steak burrito, a Mexican pizza, a bean burrito, or just a taco that makes your brain jump for joy.  Then your stomach revolts violently later on.

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Social media shared with the world that the Taco Bell at 34th and Washington was shut down for a water/sewage problem.  The jokes came right along and everyone assumed it was the sewage that was the problem.

I guess one too many people violated the bathroom that day.

Taco Bell is a toilet bomb

Must have been all that toilet paper getting stuck in the pipes

The ironic thing about the restaurant being shut down was they used an inspection result page to show that it was closed, but if you look closely the inspection rating is A/97.

Photo Courtesy Natalie Miller
Photo Courtesy Natalie Miller

All joking aside, why did the Taco Bell on Washington get shut down in that instant?

Let's go to the source, the Amarillo City Environmental Health Department posts their inspections.

Business closure due to roof leaking into kitchen and lobby. Water is dropping directly onto make table, contaminating all food at station. This water is pooling on the floor, causing a risk for pests. Invoice for repairs must be on-site before-opening will occur. Also all surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized, passing a white glove test in order to re-open.

The restaurant actually got a B/84 health inspection rating on Thursday, June 1st, but the leaky roof shut them down.

Overall it was a leaky roof causing contamination, not the fact that a person(s) blew up the bathroom at Taco Bell.

In order to reopen they have to have the issue repaired, show an invoice of the repairs, and then pass a white glove test inspection with the Amarillo Environmental Department.

Fun Fact: This was the first Amarillo Taco Bell

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