To say its been a tough year for retail is one thing, its been an even tougher year for Charitable groups including the Salvation Army of Amarillo. The organization missed it's fundraising goal by $30,000 this year. With online shopping replacing visits to physical stores this year, red kettles weren't as full. It was also a year of challenges for many who would normally donate too, with some actually needing assistance this year. according to Quintin Marquez who handles relations for the charity, they are already looking forward to a much better 2021 which includes new local leadership that will have more time to plan ahead and get resources in place.

It's not completely bad news for the organization, they still haven't counted the counter kettles found at Toot N' Totum locations around town, and not too late for you to help out. You can find all the resources you need including online giving options on their website

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