I love nachos. Let me go ahead and admit that right here and right now. With that being said I ran across a special on nachos for Game 1 of the World Series. They looked good. Then I saw the name of the place. I didn't recognize them.

credit: Time Out Sports Bar & Grill
credit: Time Out Sports Bar & Grill

So that peaked my interest. I had to find out about Time Out Sports Bar and Grill. First they are located inside the Netplex on Hillside. The Netplex used to house Moondoggy's second location and when that didn't work, thanks Covid. Here we are. A location looking for a new restaurant.

This looks pretty promising. It's a sports bar and we know those go over well. We always need a place to watch the game. Regardless of which game we are referring to. If you are into baseball, football, basketball, or hockey? They got you covered. Maybe you want to watch the National Cornhole Game Tourney. I bet they would put that on for you too.

Their menu looks pretty relaxed. Like many other sports bars. That is why I love it. They offer pizza, wings, sandwiches, salads, wraps, and burgers. There tagline is "Simple Food, Done Great."

Even the prices seem very reasonable. I am always a big fan of that when you are going out to watch a game. I mean you plan on staying awhile. So drink prices and food prices are very important.

You can check out the menu HERE and decide for yourself. So as you are making your plans to cheer on either the Atlanta Braves or Houston Astros (I have been cheering on the Atlanta Braves since the early nineties but I don't judge.....too much) remember we have a new place that would love for you to try them out.

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