How big of a Whataburger fan are you? Are you in the market for a new pair of cowboy boots? If you are the biggest Whataburger cheerleader in Amarillo, then you must own a pair of these. Texas country star Randy Rogers unveiled a new addition to the Whataburger line of merchandise - Custom Justin Boots "Whataburger Cowboy Boots." And even though the chain may be owned by a company out of Chicago, these boots are still proudly Texas-made.

Crafted at a factory in El Paso, the new boots are made with extreme attention to detail and craftmenship. The boots are designed in the iconic orange and white of the Whataburger logo and feature said logo on the front. The boots include 5.4 square feet of leather, 105 steps in the creation process, and 12,488 stitches to make the Whataburger logo. Orange thread stitching is featured throughout the boots and "Since 1950" is stitched in white on the sides. Both men's and women's fits are available, however the look is almost identical on both types. Each pair is said to take up to 120 to make.

A pair will set you back $249.99 with free shipping and handling. Fans interested can purchase them from the Whatastore, Whataburger’s online retail store. But hurry, these custom Justin boots are only going to be offered for a limited time.


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