We all have certain things that are apart of our daily routines. Hopefully everyone brushes their teeth, takes a bath and puts deodorant on. I am talking about outside the daily requirements. Everyone has different things they do, here are the things that I must do everyday if not my whole day is thrown off.

The first thing I do in the morning is read my Bible. I read the scripture of the day and then I read a chapter of the Bible. I have always read my Bible but not exactly regularly. I would always try to read my scripture of the day but it wasn't much more than that. It wasn't until December that I started the Proverbs challenge with a co-worker. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs and 31 days in December so we read a chapter a day. Obviously we finished Proverbs and I started reading Psalms. I have only missed one morning of not reading my Bible  first thing and it felt like my whole day was thrown off.  I feel like it sets the tone for my day. I also feel like it's God's way guiding my path for the day. I also seem to find something that relates to what is going on in the world or my life.

The other thing I have to do everyday is drink coffee. That is my fuel for life. It may not be one the very first things I do when I get up but it is a must to start the day. I don't typically make coffee on the weekdays at home, but unless Gunner brings coffee, I put my stuff down and go make me a cup.

What are the things that you must do in the morning, not the normal things like brushing your teeth, going to the bathroom or taking a shower.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

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