The name Guy Carlander may not not sound familiar to you, but I can guarantee that you that you've seen his work around Amarillo. In fact, I can almost bet that you pass by his handiwork every day and not know that he's the one responsible.

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Guy Carlander was a prolific architect, not just here but across the country. His design style is seen all over the High Plains.

He Designed Most of the Major Landmark Buildings in Amarillo

Guy Carlander is the person who designed the Santa Fe building, the Fisk building, Summit School, several court houses, and a bunch more buildings in and around Amarillo. By the way, he's the one who designed The Nat back when it was a pool known as the Natatorium.

La Casita Del Sol

One of the houses he designed is a stucco beauty located at 1607 S. Harrison. I was surfing the current homes for sale listings when I immediately recognized the address for one of the places Guy Carlander designed and built.

The home's architectural design is a Spanish Eclectic style, and has 5 bedrooms along with 5 bathrooms. The name of the bed and breakfast is fitting: La Casita Del Sol.

It's a two-lot property built in 1926 and has a courtyard of its own. It's definitely one-of-a-kind, with history to boot. As a bed and breakfast, according to the listing, La Casita has done really well for the previous owner. If you're looking for what I imagine is a pretty turn-key business, you might want to check it out.

Heads up, though. The price tag is a little over half-a-million.

Haunted Landmarks in Amarillo

One interesting thing about a lot of the major landmark buildings in Amarillo that Carlander designed, is that a lot of them are supposedly haunted. However, those buildings have a lot of history in them. If a building is around long enough, it's sure to be the subject of a ghost story or two. It's just how it works.

Anyway, on to La Casita Del Sol:

La Casita Del Sol Bed & Breakfast

This beautiful bed and breakfast is located in Amarillo's historic Plemons district at 1607 S. Harrison. Listed at just a little over half a million by Madison Wall of Keller Williams this is a true hidden gem of architecture and history.

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