Fundraising is something organizations use to raise money for their causes.  You can find many, different ways that organizations raise money.  However, this is the first time I have ever heard of an organization raising money this way.  They'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

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A mattress sale.  I know that mattress stores have mattress sales, but for an organization to hold a mattress sale seems odd to me.   When I think donating to an organization, it's more like here's $20 for candy, popcorn, cookies, or even wrapping paper.

I can't imagine, "hey kid I'll take a mattress, err, make that two, one soft, one firm."

Now, I know it's not like that, but, that's what I picture.

The Amarillo High School Sandie Band is doing something different to raise money for the band, and they are hosting a mattress sale.

The sale will be held in a building, so you won't have band students knocking on your door or hitting you up on social media for you to buy a mattress sight unseen.

You'll be able to walk into the sale, see the mattress, test out the mattress and buy the mattress.

It's like going to a mattress store, mattress sale, but the fund will benefit, the AHS Band.

They won't just have mattresses, they will also have bedding including sheets and comforters, pillows and other items.

If you have been needing a new mattress, then this is for you.  The sale will be happening Saturday, February 12th from 10am - 4pm.  They will have a showroom of top brand name mattresses on display like Tranquility, Symbol, and Malouf.  The event will be held at the  Church of Christ at the Colonies at 4500 Wesley (next to First United Bank at 45th and Soncy).  Enter at the doors next to the playground on the east side of the building facing Wesley.

That's how you sell mattresses for a fundraiser.  Who knew.  Well good luck to the AHS Band on their unique fundraiser.

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