Amarillo got it's first taste of summer temperatures as we changed the calendar over to May. Even though we will see some cooler weather ahead, we know that sooner than later the hot temperatures will make their return. If you have ever thought - I wish I had a quick pool I could set up to cool off - you are now in luck.


Introducing the Summer Waves Inflatable Truck Bed Pool. That's right, you can now easily turn your truck bed into your own private swimming oasis. The truck bed pool is currently available at the Walmart on Coulter for only $39.97. At the time of this post, there was only 1 left, however stores will continue to stock them across the area as soon as they can.

The inflatable truck bed pool measures 66" x 62" x 21" and fits most standard truck bed sizes. To set up, you just inflate the side rings, and then fill with water - that is it. The pool has a few online reviews that all give it 5 stars. Of course you should not use the pool while driving and some people say that all that water and people in the bed might max out the cargo weight limit for your truck. If your looking to buy, click here to see which Amarillo store has the pool in stock.

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