By the time it is all said, and done, Turnpike Troubadours will go down, right alongside Cross Canadian Ragweed, as the best-of-the-Oklahoma-best. Hell, in terms of music and popularity they're already there, we're just looking for a little more time in service.

Their self-titled album, released in late 2015, has seen three songs ship to radio, thus far. This week a new song "Come As You Are," recorded for the Bruce Robison project, The Next Waltz, was released to radio.

We don't know whether that's the signal that the Okies are done releasing songs off Turnpike Troubadours, or just that they are for now. It's likely just a quick detour, there's still radio gold on that record.

Today the band announced another giant leap in their country music ascension, they'll be making their Grand Ole Opry debut this October.

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