I want to say this one hurts, but there are so many worse ways for one of your favorite singer's touring career to end. How great is it that Robert Earl Keen gets to end his on his own terms? And at still such a high level. At the ago of 66, he is still a legitimate headliner.

Today (January 14) Keen posted a video on his socials the caption read simply "Time Flies."

So if he does make it out your way between now and September 4th, <strong>you're probably going to want to buy tickets</strong> -- quit your job if you must.

And what the video contains will forever change the touring landscape in the Lone Star State. The man who arguably is the best storyteller of our generation and who is often credited with giving so many artists a road map for touring in Texas will now be turning his in.

In the video released today (January 14th) REK address his fans directly, “It is with a mysterious concoction of joy and sadness that I want to tell you as of September 4th, 2022, I will no longer tour or perform publicly. I plan to continue to write songs, interview a wide variety of celebrities and contributors for our Americana podcast."

Hearing the Texas Cowboy Hall of Famer Robert Earl Keen just talk is almost as hypnotizing as hearing him sing. And even when he's delivering news you don't want to hear, like this, you still find warmth and comfort in his cadence.

Keen wanted to be sure to let fans know that this retirement is of his own accord. I’m not sick, or experiencing some existential crisis. I feel that making a decision, and quitting the road while I still love it is the way I want to leave it.��� And what a legacy he leaves behind.

So if he does make it out your way between now and September 4th, you're probably going to want to buy tickets -- quit your job if you must.

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