It's been a long ride. After many years of being the face of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, Gary Molberg, has officially retired. Now, I say officially because he took a partial retirement back in October 2020.

Gary Molberg is the one I saw every time I walked through the gate of the Chamber BBQ. When I read this story I thought I won't be seeing him this year at the BBQ this Thursday. I come to find out that is not true.

Gary is going to be set up at a tent so everybody can come by and congratulate him and wish him luck. So he will partake in one more Amarillo Chamber of Commerce Good Time BBQ.

Gary has been a part of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce since 1997. So he has been a fixture in our community.

From the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce post:

On behalf of the Chamber staff, our Board of Directors, and our members, thank you, Gary, for your leadership and service to Amarillo! You will be missed! Enjoy your retirement…you’ve earned it!
Gary will have a special tent set up at the barbecue cook-off next Thursday, October 7th from 5-8pm if you would like to stop by and wish him well and have a beer. Tickets to the event are available through Panhandle Tickets for $30 in advance or $40 at the gate.
So I will officially give him a hug and wish him good luck at this years BBQ but I have to say it here too. It's been many a year of having him there and after this year who knows. Good Luck Gary and congratulations.

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