A new scam is making the rounds in Amarillo.  This scam is targeting local businesses.

Businesses are receiving calls from a person who claims to be a US Marshall.  These scammers are very convincing.  They are telling business owners that they are being investigated for counterfeiting and are facing federal indictment.   The employee is then told that they are one of the few in the business who aren't being investigated.  However, they tell the victim that if they talk they will be arrested.  They then tell the victim that all of the cash in the business will be seized at the end of the night as evidence used in the investigation.  The victim is then told, that since all the banks are closed they will need to take that cash and then put it all on gift cards.  They remain on the phone with the scammers during the entire process and are being threatened that they are being watched.  Then the victim is told to mail the gift cards purchased with the cash to an out of state address.

Please make sure all of your employees are made aware of this new scam.  Businesses are falling for this scam.

First of all a US Marshal would never call your place of business and ask someone to turn cash into gift cards and mail them.

No matter how convincing they might be about arresting you, do not believe these people.

If you have received a call from this scammer and did not face a loss, report it here, you do not have to contact the Amarillo Police Department.

If you have be affected by this scam and have lost money, you can make a report online here.

Again protect your business, and please make sure all your employees know about this scam.  The scammers can be very convincing and very scary.   But, as noted above, anything requiring you to turn cash into gift cards is a big red flag for scam.

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