Over the weekend there had been rescues in Palo Duro Canyon due to the extreme heat. They even sent out messages that they were closing the trail to the Lighthouse on Sunday.

This is the beginning of the hot temperatures in Amarillo. Of course when you are going to Palo Duro Canyon expect it to be even hotter there. You need to be prepared. Summer hasn't even officially started so we know there will be many many more hot days here in the Texas Panhandle.

Summer can be a great time to get out and have fun but you also need to be prepared to watch out for the signs of having a heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  No matter what your plans are this summer make sure you bring along plenty of water.

The National Weather Service sent out this post on Facebook yesterday:

The next several days are going to be hot with temperatures across the Panhandles ranging between the low/mid 90s to around 103. Remember the Palo Duro Canyon is always warmer than Amarillo. Don't get caught off guard in the Canyon; drink plenty of water and be prepared for risks from extreme heat.

The National Weather Service also recently sent out their reminder as well so you know what to look out for and make sure you are aware. With heat exhaustion you could experience heavy sweating. You could feel more tired than usual. Your skin could be cool and clammy to the touch. You could start feeling dizzy and even have moments of vomiting.

If these are your symptoms get into a cool place right away. Go ahead and loosen your clothes. Apply cold, wet wash clothes. You need to start sipping on water and if you can even sit in a cool bath. Seek medical conditions if the symptoms continue for over an hour.

A heat stroke is even more serious. If you experience these symptoms get to a doctor or call 9-1-1. If you are out in the extreme heat for any amount of time and your head starts throbbing that can be a good indication of a heat stroke. There are several other cues to notice including dizziness, confusion and nausea. If your body temperature starts rising and gets over 103°F you need to take notice. You may even faint or lose consciousness. If that happens a doctor is needed right away.

If you can avoid being out in the dead of heat you need to do that. Yardwork can wait until early in the morning or even in the evening after the sun goes down. With more blistering hot weather headed our way it is better to take all the precautions that we can.


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