I have been a Chevrolet Camaro owner for a long time now. I love that car. You will see me driving it whenever and wherever I can. That is unless that is the slightest chance of wintry weather in the forecast. I learned a long time ago that the Camaro is a really crappy car in snow. Sorry for my french there, but it is. I got caught in a quick snow burst a handful of years ago that trapped me in the parking lot of a convenience store for 5 hours. Why?... because a car with sports wheels and tires, plus rear-wheel drive, does not do well in snow. If you're lucky enough to own a second, more snow friendly vehicle, that is great. However, if you only have that really nice sports or muscle car to drive, here are some tips that might just help you out during our next Texas panhandle snow storm.

  1. Practice - if you have the chance when the next storm hits, take your car to a big, open parking lot and see how it does. Try making it spin out and skid. See how it reacts when you slam the brakes or gas. Get to know your car in the snow and you will have a huge upper hand by knowing it's handicaps.
  2. Go Slow - You would think this is just common sense in slippery weather, but we all know how easy it is to pick up speed. Really force yourself to slow down. This will also help if you come across a large chunk of ice in the road that you know will bust up your front spoiler. Driving slower will give you that extra time to react out of the way.
  3. Consistency - pumping on and off the gas and the brake will cause you to slip and slide. Let the car guide and go gently. The smoother you are with your actions, the better the car with respond. Remember the saying "slow and steady wins the race;" well that applies here too.
  4. Control The Skid - if you start skidding, take your foot off the gas or brake and go with it. Steer into the direction you are skidding and allow the car to ease back to control.
  5. Create Distance - one of the easiest things you can do to help yourself, is make sure you have plenty of space between you and the next car. Look, we know you are going to spin or skid a little, so by knowing that, you can have more time to get back in control before you are in to another vehicle's bumper.

The biggest thing to keep in mind anytime you are driving, not just during the winter, is safety. If you don't feel good about being out on the road, then don't be. Take an Uber, call a friend, whatever you need to do to feel good for yourself and the other drivers around you. Remember, Amarillo and the Texas panhandle are not snowy towns, so we don't handle road clearing as well as some other places that are used to a lot of snow. Use common sense and you and your beauty of a car will make it through just fine.



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