Whether you are working from home or getting out more, there have been a few changes to our way of life that have made things easier. Before the virus hit, you had limited options on which places would deliver or you were forced to use a third-party delivery service. But now, more and more of your favorite eateries are offering their own delivery. You can now add Whataburger to that list. That's right, you want Whataburger on your doorstep? They can make it happen. And even better news, every Whataburger in the Amarillo area is now offering the service.

If you put the Whataburger app on your phone, you can choose delivery as a "pickup" method when you checkout. If for some reason you don't want the app on your phone (and why wouldn't you?), you can make the same selection on their website. Then as you check out, you put in your address, select a delivery time of ASAP or later, confirm, and pay. Also if you want to add a tip for your driver, you can do that as you pay too. After you place the order, you will be able to track the status of your food using the app or a link sent in the confirmation email.

When you set up online and app ordering, you will be creating an account that will allow you to start earning Rewards, plus you will be given special deals and offers. Some of which are only offered to customers who do online ordering. If you want to start an order and grab the app for your phone, just search your favorite app store. I believe I will order a Dr. Pepper shake right now!

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