Don't get me wrong, I am all about supporting local where ever I can and for the most part getting things here in Amarillo isn't too difficult. When it comes to mass quantity you need a warehouse club. and I know sometimes it's cheaper to not buy some items in bulk but I got a growing family and sometimes you just need to. We got Sam's club but you just want options right? So what's the deal here? What's the hold up? Why can't we have Costco?

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If you have never been to a Costco, basically think of it like a target version of Sam's Club. Basically it's buying in bulk and like Sam's they offer tire, optical, liquor and everything you would expect from a big box warehouse. The shopping experience is slightly different. Sam's will carry more name brand merchandise while Costco has more private labels, there's a catch here. Many of the Kirkland Signature items that Costco carries are actually name brands in disguise. like take the coffee. the packaging shows it's Starbucks roots but the price is generally friendlier than the Starbucks brand.

U.S. Consumer Prices Rise To Highest 12-Month Rate Since 2008
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Membership is 10 to 15 bucks higher than Sams but the overall prices in the store are lower. Both are certainly targeted at bulk buyers who are making the purchase for family so either way you're still gonna spend in this store.

Costco Beats Second Quarter Estimates
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What sets the store apart to me is they seem to take better care of their people which is important. It's no secret that they pay well above industry average wages and offer benefits which in turn makes employees more helpful in the store and with jobs the way they are these days who doesn't want to work for a place like that?

Getting a little selfish here, Lubbock has one! I mean Lubbock! Granted I love our neighbors down I-27 but outside of that you're making the trip to Albuquerque, DFW or Oklahoma City. What makes the Hub City so special? Is it just that they have Texas Tech? Maybe I'm missing something here... or maybe I just have a cheap rotisserie chicken itch that needs scratchin... either way.. it's time we bring Costco to the Yellow City.

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