Pumpkins are an absolute must for Fall time.

I am willing to admit I go overboard on the whole decorating for every season thing. I blame my Mother... she is the Queen of decorating and taught me everything I know. So naturally, when the Fall months come around you can expect to see pumpkins on my table, on the porch, in a cute basket. You know, all the Pinterest must-dos.

However, this year I may have to make the switch to more pinecones for my Fall decorating. You can expect to see a huge jump in Pumpkin prices this year in Amarillo.

The drought has taken a huge toll on the local pumpkin crop. Something you may not know is thanks to Friona has the biggest pumpkin patch in the whole state so the effects of their crop suffering will be felt far past the Panhandle.

Hopefully, conditions will be better for next season and prices will return to normal. You will still be able to buy pumpkins on every corner this season, the shortage is not that bad just be prepared to pay more.

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