What if I told you that there is a pizza that combines everything you love about, well, pizza plus everything you love about hot dogs? The creative team at Papa John's has done just that. In South Korea, the Papa has rolled about a pizza that contains a full hot dog on every slice. Once upon a time, Pizza Hut had a hot dog bites pizza, but Papa John's isn't messing around with little bites.

The new pizza is named the "American Hot Dog Pizza" and for now is only being offered in South Korea. Should we be insulted they called it the American pizza? I say we just embrace the fact that it sounds awesome, and who doesn't like hot dogs and pizza? The website ChewBoom says it features whole hot dogs on each slice, along with chili salsa sauce, mozzarella cheese, cheddar potato mousseline (whatever that is), onions, dijon mustard sauce, pickle relish, and parsley. The pizza is being marketed to the South Korean audience as “Authentic American hot dog taste!" It has also been said to be served up with ketchup and mustard according to some ads.


For now, it is only being sold in South Korea and will set you back 10,000 WON. Don't worry, if you happen to be visiting that region, the conversion is only about $8.50 USD. Honestly, that's not bad for a full pizza with all those dogs and toppings. Will it ever come to America? Let's just hope it does!

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