In the beginning of Covid-19 we saw a lot of things shutting down. We saw the schools, restaurants, shopping, travel and to add to all of that the Amarillo Civic Center.Of course all the events were being cancelled or postponed anyway.
It started with a premature end to the Amarillo Bulls 2019-2020 season that saw them in hopes of returning to the playoffs. That of course didn’t happen. Thanks Coronavirus.
Then to kick us while we were down the Amarillo Venom also took a hit. They didn't even get to start their season. We saw shows being postponed. Even Amarillo Independent School District’s 2020 graduations had to be delayed and moved.
So now as we made it to June and things are starting to get back to normal the Amarillo Civic Center has hopes of opening soon. Since things are starting to open and less things are being cancelled there is hope.
The Amarillo Civic Center is looking at their events that are on the books for July to start happening. Most of their June events have pretty much all cancelled. So July it is. Or at least that is the plan right now.
Of course they will be practicing Social Distancing as that has become the new normal. They also have plans to continue with keeping all areas sanitized.
It is time for things to be getting back to normal. Even if it is the new normal. That includes us getting back to shows and events at the Amarillo Civic Center.

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