Dating can be tough.  You want to make sure that you find someone that is respectful and a true gentleman.  Finding someone who loves their mother is always a plus, but when is the 'momma love' going to far?  Here are 10 signs you are dating a momma's boy.

A man who loves his mother can be good.  That means he'll be more understanding towards women.  More patient.  Even more thoughtful.  But there is a point where it crosses the line into momma's boy.

Don't worry, we are here to help.  Here are 10 signs to look for when dating.

1.)  He Is Grown, Yet His Mom Still Cooks, Cleans and Does His Laundry

If his place is always neat and tidy and you find prepared meals in his freezer, that's not a good sign.  For the sake of this relationship, he needs to do it himself.

2.) His Mom Always Comes Over Unannounced

This will be pretty obvious.  His mom will stop by to see if he needs anything, check up on him or just say hello. Very intrusive.

3.)  His Mom Is Very Needy

She calls him all the time for favors or just to talk about her bad day.

4.) He Values His Mom's Opinion Over Yours

He’s always bringing her into the conversation saying, ‘well, my mom says...’  She always manages to interfere even when she's not actually there. How she does it, we don't know.

5.) He Pressures You To Please Her

If you do something or wear something she doesn't like, he'll ask you to change it.  He will also ask you to hold your tongue in certain situations and if you refuse, he'll get upset.

6.) She Schedules All His Appointments

If she is calling to book his dentist appointment or remind him about his yearly check up, there is a serious momma's boy problem.  A grown man should be able to do this himself.

7.)  He Always Takes Her Side

You two get into an argument about something his mom said or did and he always defends her.  Just stop because you can't win.

8.) He Always Compares You To His Mother

You will tire of hearing, 'my mom does it this way,' or 'my mom cooks this way better.'

9.) He Runs To Her First

If he's having a bad day or got injured in some way, you'll find him running to mommy first.  She knows how to comfort him.

10.) He's Always Shopping For Her

Anytime you hit the mall or shopping center, he always finds something that his mom would love.  She is always on the forefront of his brain.

These are just some signs that you are dating a momma's boy.  There are also a few obvious ones.  If he is over 25 and still living at home, it's a given.  If they go on vacation together every year, just the two of them, definitely a momma's boy.  And if he came from a single mother household, more than likely he is going to be a momma's boy.

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