I guess you could say we have our own language.

All Southerners have different words for things than Northerners, just like people from England have different words for things than people from America. And Texas is a world of its own, even having a different culture than the South.

If we're gonna be really technical, parts of Texas even have different dialects. For instance, you can tell if someone is from South Texas because they sound like they're from Louisiana. However, people from El Paso have a very subtle Texas accent. Put Texans from every area in the state together in a room and it will probably sound like a nation-wide meeting.

Here are 5 of the words we use in Amarillo that don't mean the same thing elsewhere.

  • 1


    Definition in the dictionary: a business transaction

    Definition in Amarillo: either the current situation or an item
    ex: "What's the deal with your horse?" or "Hand me that deal over there."

  • 2


    Definition in the dictionary: the act of a person or thing that fixes

    Definition in Amarillo: about to do something
    ex: "I'm fixing to go to Walmart."

  • 3


    Definition in dictionary: extremely bad, unpleasant

    Definition in Amarillo: very
    ex: "She is awful pretty!"

  • 4


    Definition in dictionary: the youth of the dog, or of the wolf, bear, lion, tiger, seal, etc.

    Definition in Amarillo: interjection used to introduce a sentence
    ex: "Whelp, there's nothing else I can do about it."

  • 5


    Definition in dictionary: British slang for a foolish or contemptible person

    Definition in Amarillo: obtain possession
    ex: "I'll go git burgers for us."

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