The year is 2023, the price of eggs is over $7 for a dozen, and gas prices are on a rollercoaster, however, the evolution of the English language isn't as proper as it was in yesteryears.

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Back in the day, certain profane words were not spoken and if they were they were spoken in movies, the movie had a rating of PG-13 or higher.

Amazon via Rasta Imposta Store
Amazon via Rasta Imposta Store

If you were a child and spoke those words, you got a mouthful of dish soap or a bar of soap shoved in your mouth.  It was very rare you heard a bad word spoken in your home and if you did, you knew your parents were really really really mad.  You definitely didn't hear them coming from your living room TV.

However, these days, it isn't uncommon to hear curse words come out of a toddler's mouth and their parents are behind their phone screen recording it and uploading it to TikTok or Snapchat.

You can hear the F-Bomb fly out freely from the table next to you at a restaurant.

Facebook can be a gem when it comes to things like this, and a post that came through on a local Facebook group about a local restaurant and the use of AF.  AF is the abbreviation of "as [F-Bomb]"  The term was printed on their chip bag.  The bag said "Bomb AF Chips".

Photo Courtesy: Brenda Overall
Photo Courtesy: Brenda Overall

The poster took to the Facebook group to claim that she thought it was inappropriate for a business to use a term like this on their products.  A lot of the comments in the post called her a "Boomer" or a "Karen".  Some of the other comments were if you don't like it don't eat there" and some posters agreed with her and said it was distasteful.

This is the direction of where the world is moving, and many businesses use the term "AF" in their advertising.  Remember when KMart used ship instead of s@&t?  The "ship my pants," commercial.  Most people found it hilarious.

Right or wrong, this is where we are in the world.

Some families believe profane words are meant to be used for everyday life, and that is their prerogative, just as it is the next person's prerogative not to use them.

That's the thing about the world we live in today, words that were once marked as profane and curse words are more and more accepted, and that is why you see them being used more and more in TV shows, advertising, and all over social media.

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