We all know the saying "You are not you when your hangry." Snickers made that phrase a household saying, Everyone knows what that means.

We don't want to ever be accused of being hangry. That is one of the top causes of arguments. Arguments at home. Arguments at work. Arguments with friends. None of those can lead to any good.

There are a lot of things that make us angry but then adding in the fact that we are hungry puts us in a no-win situation. That situation can lead us to on average up to four arguments per week.

Four arguments that probably could have been avoided. What are the situations that can lead us to getting hangry?

You know those days that you are just too busy to even take a lunch break. We end up waiting too long to eat. That is by far one of the biggest offenders.

Or you know those days you take a lunch but you just didn't get enough to eat. Maybe you packed your lunch but didn't know you would be THAT hungry. Or you ordered something for lunch and it wasn't quite as much as you thought it would be.

Nothing is worse than ordering lunch....or even bringing something from home and it just wasn't as good as you imagined. What happens then? Well you don't eat it all....if you even eat at all. That is not good for you stomach or your mood.

Oh and of course the dreaded diet. We all seem to be trying to eat healthy. Maybe we brought lunch that just didn't have enough protein or fiber. We need those to help us fill full. If we don't feel full then we just are running the risk of getting hangrier every moment.

So no matter what the reason do your best to have some snacks around. You know......Just in case. You want to avoid feeling hangry and also avoid being hungry.

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